We are passionate about moving image and from this passion we learnt to fly.

Altitude Drones

Based in Northamptonshire and operating across the UK and EU, we specialise in producing high grade aerial visual content.
Our roots grew from photography and video production. We know how to produce material that stands out from others.

The equipment we use is consistently updated to give us the edge over others and to move forward at the rapid speed that the industry requires.

Our experience in flying UAV’s is extensive. We have trained and qualified with the most reputable NQE’s across three nations which has provided us with a working practice second to none.

The reputation of our company is built on providing a different class of aerial imagery, captured with a safe and effective method of operation.

If you require piece of mind that your project is being undertaken correctly by people that care – you’re on the right page..


The drones we use contain some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet. Using this technology correctly, we can ensure a safe and effective flight operation that produces images of the highest quality.
The DJI Inspire 2 has allowed us to enter a new era of aerial imaging. By utilizing it’s maneuverability and unique tracking software we can quickly execute shots that previously would have taken much more planning or indeed simply wouldn’t have been possible at all. The drone can fly at speeds of upto 50MPH and has built in obstacle avoidance, greatly improving safety while flying in confined spaces.

The Inspire2’s X5S camera is one of the most versitle aerial cameras available. All the cameras settings are controlled and monitored remotely from the ground.

Video formats:

CimemaDNG, ProRes, H.265, H.264
FHD – 100p, 50,p, 25p
2.7K – 50p, 25p
4K -50p, 25p
5.2K – 25P

Photo formats:


4:3 – 5280×3956
16:9 – 5280×2970
Burst- 3,5,7,10,14

Aerial Cinema

Filming is in our roots. Our knowledge of how to capture and edit footage is what makes us really stand out from the crowd.
Our drones are highly maneuverable with the latest tracking technology. This enables us to execute shots that would be impossible with a helicopter or less advanced UAV.

Our camera is capable of shooting 5.2K RAW Cinema DNG and 4K ProRes, delivering pin sharp images that can easily be graded in post production.

Aerial Photography

Our expertise in filming was a natural progression from shooting still photographs.
Our camera is capable of shooting 20MPX RAW DNG and can shoot bursts of 14 frames per second. This makes it one of the most versatile still cameras for aerial work. We can also pull 4K stills from any video which is ideal for web production.

Aerial Survey

The maneuverability of our drone coupled with the high quality photographs and video it captures makes it the ideal tool for aerial survey applications.
We use built in obstacle avoidance and a selection of zoom lenses to get close and detailed images of a subject, while always keeping risk to a minimum.

We can provide a client with crystal clear material within hours. This dramatically cuts the cost, risk and inconvenience of a project when compared to traditional methods such as deployment of helicopters, climbing, power lifts or scaffolding.

The images we produce are used for:

Surveyor reporting – Roof, building and estate survey.

Insurance inspections – Storm damage, flood, fire or disaster inspection.

Utilities and Communications – Wind turbine / Mast survey. Accurate line of sight altitude between locations. Essential technical information for planning applications.

Altitude Drone Survey
Altitude Drone Survey
Altitude Drone Survey
Altitude Drone Survey
Altitude Drone Survey
Altitude Drone Survey

Guide to Operations

As a company, we pride ourselves on the training we received and the operational procedures which we follow. It is vital to fly responsibly to ensure the safety of all and to uphold the reputation of both ourselves and the UAV industry in general.

To ensure that any flight operates effectively it is necessary to follow a set of procedures which are set out in our operations manual and approved by the Aviation Authority. This will assess any risk involved in a flight and ultimately if the operation can be carried out legally and in line with current regulations:

Pre-flight Risk Assessment
We use geographical and aeronautical maps to check for any flight restrictions, special permissions or physical hazards within the operation area.

Once the site has been approved any potential hazards will be highlighted and recorded in a report. This will provide an initial understanding of the working environment highlighting any factors to be observed during a physical on-site assessment.

On-site Risk Assessment:
This will normally occur on the day of flight operations, it may however be necessary to conduct a site visit before the shoot date if the pre-flight assessment requires it.

On-site checks provide further investigation of any hazards highlighted by the pre-flight assessment and those only identifiable at ground level. Once all risk assessment procedure is satisfied, flight operations can proceed.

Unmanned Aircraft Qualification –  UAVair
Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) – CAA

Permission for Commercial Operation -AESA

Permission for Commercial Operation (APR) – Enac

Member of ARPAS-UK. (Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)

Altitude Drone Company

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